Dr. Rafik Samaan


Dr. Rafik Samaan
Dr. Rafik Samaan Veterinarian

Dr. Samaan grew up in Egypt in a city near the pyramids and chose to enter the veterinary field because of his long-standing love of and fascination with animals. After obtaining a Bachelor degree of veterinary Science at Cairo University in 1998, he obtained postgraduate degree in pharmacology 2004.

Dr. Samaan's favourite part of veterinary medicine is the long-term relationships he gets to build with his patients and their owners; getting to know his patient's personalities, watch them grow and develop as individuals, and having the opportunity to support their health along the way so that they can live their best furry lives. Internal medicine and its relationship to pharmacology is also his favourite part, especially management of chronic diseases.

In his spare time, Dr. Samaan enjoys reading, playing ping pong games, and spending time with his family watching TV. Travel abroad is his favourite hobby in order to recognize different cultures. Harley (pictured) is his beautiful Labrador and he is always a sweet boy to play with.