A vaccination plan ensures your canine companion remains protected against dangerous diseases.

In veterinary medicine, prevention of serious illnesses is critical, because some of these illnesses can be deadly or leave the animal with life-long health issues. Vaccinations are our first line of defense against common diseases that have devastating consequences on a dog. There are “core” vaccines, which are required by law and protect against the most common diseases, and the “non-core” vaccines, which are given based on the specific risks associated with a dog’s personal lifestyle.

What types of vaccinations do you offer for adult dogs?

Our core vaccines include Rabies (which is required by law), the Distemper-Adenovirus-Parvovirus combination, and the Leptospirosis vaccine. Our non-core vaccines protect against Bordetella (also known as Kennel Cough) and Lyme disease and are given based on your dog’s risk of exposure.

Is there a schedule for how often a dog should be vaccinated?

The length of immunity provided by a vaccine depends on the vaccine itself, a dog’s age, and how many vaccines they’ve received previously. Young puppies have immature immune systems which require that they receive boosters after receiving a vaccine for the first time, and as they reach adulthood, the Rabies and Distemper combination will be effective from one to three years. Leptospirosis, Lyme, and Bordetella are yearly vaccinations.

Why is it important to vaccinate your dog?

Many diseases can have terrible consequences on your dog’s health, and some are even fatal. Viruses in the Distemper-Adenovirus-Parvovirus family, for example, are quite serious and are especially lethal in puppies. Vaccines introduce a killed or modified version of the disease or bacteria into your pet’s system, which then helps to “train” the immune system to respond to that pathogen. If they do come in contact with an active form of that pathogen after being vaccinated, their immune system will respond faster and more effectively.

How much does it cost to vaccinate my dog?

Costs will depend on which vaccines your dog requires at the time of their annual exam. We always take your dog’s lifestyle and environment into consideration and offer our vaccine recommendations accordingly.

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