Flea Control

Fleas are parasites that are very small. Protect your cat with a parasite prevention plan.

Fleas are a common ectoparasite (external parasite) in cats. With this parasite, if it is left untreated, an infestation can occur within your home quite quickly. The worse it gets, the harder it is to completely rid your cat and your environment of the flea infestation. While they thrive in warm weather, they can survive the colder months if they are in your home.

How do I know if my cat has fleas?

You may notice live fleas crawling on your cat. You may also see your cat scratching more frequently, chewing/biting, and in some cases, there may be scabbing and fur loss. If you think your cat may have fleas, we recommend booking an appointment so we can confirm that there are fleas and treat appropriately.

Do fleas harm cats?

Yes, they can harm your cat. When the fleas bite, they can cause irritation to the skin, and in some cases, your cat may be allergic to them. In really severe cases, fleas can cause anemia in your cat. Fleas can also transmit other parasites to your cat.

What are some simple steps for treating fleas in your senior cat?

Once we have determined your cat has fleas, we offer a topical treatment option. We recommend treating for a minimum of 3 months, to ensure all life cycles of fleas are killed. We also recommend doing a thorough clean of your house, which includes vacuuming your cat’s favourite sleeping spots and your entire home, even if you have hardwood floors.

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