From surgery to the process of recovery, ensuring your pet's safety is our utmost priority.

What types of surgical services do you provide for dogs?

At Embrun Veterinary Hospital, we offer surgical services such as spays, neuters, mass removals, and dental extractions.

Does my pet need to stay overnight?

For most surgeries like spays, neuters, and dental surgeries, our patients go home the same day. We monitor our patients during their anesthetic recovery, and once they’re up and alert, we will contact you and schedule a time for you to take them home. Surgeries that require overnight hospitalization will be referred to a specialty 24/7 hospital where your pet will receive the care they need.

Does my pet need to have an empty stomach for their surgery?

Yes, we require that your pet be fasted as of 10:00 pm the night before their surgery. Some anesthetic agents can cause vomiting, which can be dangerous for a pet while they’re waking up from anesthesia and don’t have control of their reflexes yet, during which there is a risk of them inhaling the vomited food. Don’t worry – you can feed them a small supper once they come home!

Will I have to come back to get sutures removed?

It will depend on the procedure, but you will be told whether a suture removal is needed or not during your discharge appointment. For most routine procedures, the sutures used will dissolve on their own over a few weeks, but some procedures will require different suture material that will need to be removed. Suture removals for surgeries done in our clinic are free of charge but require an appointment.

What happens if my pet has complications after surgery?

If you have any concerns about your pet’s healing process and think there may be something wrong, we encourage you to call us right away with any concerns. We will do a re-check exam at no charge.

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