Kitten Vaccinations

Safeguard your feline friend from harmful diseases with a vaccination plan.

Adding a furry feline friend to your family is very exciting. Each kitten will have their own needs. When you schedule them in for their first visit and vaccines, we can discuss your new kitten’s needs and develop a plan for you.

When should kittens get their first vaccination?

Their first visit and vaccines can and should be given at 8 weeks of age.

How often does my kitten need to be vaccinated?

Kitten vaccines are usually given 3-4 weeks apart at 8 weeks of age, 12 weeks of age, and the final one at 16 weeks of age. Following the initial round of kitten vaccinations, your kitten will then transition to a yearly protocol for the first year and then a 3-year vaccine protocol thereafter as directed by your veterinarian.

Does my kitten only need core vaccines?

Your kitten’s lifestyle will determine the vaccine protocol. The Rabies vaccine is required by law for all pets. At the time of your first appointment, we will talk to you about the required vaccines and determine a schedule from there.

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