X-ray and Ultrasound

Non-invasive diagnostic tools used to identify internal issues and provide targeted medical care.

At Embrun Veterinary Hospital, we have a digital x-ray machine, which means the x-rays come up on a computer as opposed to a film that needs to be developed and stored. This method delivers immediate results, which decreases the amount of time your dog spends on the x-ray table.

How do you use X-ray and radiology services at your hospital?

X-rays are used as a method of diagnosis as per the recommendation of a veterinarian. For most x-rays, your dog will be placed on the x-ray table and positioned either on their side, stomach or back depending on the view needed, with our technicians ensuring their safety throughout. We usually do these procedures while the patient is awake, but in some cases, a sedative is needed.

How much does a dog X-ray exam cost?

The cost will vary based on the number of views the doctor needs and whether sedation is required. An estimate is always prepared and presented to the pet owner for their consent before we proceed.

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